Denis Kirch 25-08-2019 om 00:23:46

Hallo komme erst jetzt dazu eine Nachricht zu verfassen. Mittlerweile bin ich stolzer Besitzer eines tritdiver. Es hat schon etwas gedauert bis sie da war und im Bereich der Krone ist ein kleiner Kratzer . Dennoch bewundere ich diese Uhr sicher noch in einigen Jahren Tag für Tag und bedanke mich bei Herrn Leeman ganz herzlich für die netten Mails. Werde wieder hier kaufen.

Den Vir 18-08-2019 om 14:03:55

Great webshop! Bought my 3rd watch here and really good feedback from Marcel. Now looking for my next purchase.

Roberto Arrighi 25-07-2019 om 11:55:45

Got my watch today. Really great! Marcel kept me posted every step. Really nice shop. Takes a time to get the watch, but I understand he orders from the USA and than ships out. Did not know, but it is worth the waiting

Miguel Jimenez 22-07-2019 om 17:42:07

I received my deep blue master 1000 red/blue bezel and blue dial and looks amazing, it exceeds my expectations.
Marcel keep me posted all the time of status order with a really good customer service, it tooks around two weeks to get it.

Don 17-06-2019 om 16:10:38

I got my watch today. Fast and in a nice package. Very happy with the watch. It's beyond my expectations.

Deepblueshop Thank You!

Steve Mason 08-06-2019 om 20:36:57

Watch arrived today and I am very pleased with it,’s the wrong strap!! The order, invoice and outer box all correctly describe it as being the silicon strap with a white logo, but the watch has a stainless steel bracelet. I deliberately ordered silicon as all my other divers have stainless steel bracelets, so I haven’t achieved the difference I was seeking. It’s too much trouble to pack it up and send it back now, but I have to admit a certain degree of disappointment. I see at least one other person has had a similar problem, so it suggests a quality control issue back in the ‘States. �

DEEPBLUESHOP 29-05-2019 om 20:44:22


I read your bad review, but see no inquiry in my email. Please email me again or contact me so I can solve your problem.

Alex H 28-03-2019 om 19:54:07

Received my Deep Blue deep sea diver today and it is above expectations. Had a bit of a difficult start since the wrong watch was shipped form the USA, however this was solved at no cost, it only took some additional days. So first impression is very well!

ANDREW CREED 08-03-2019 om 08:26:45

My master 1000 bezel pip fell out 6 months after purchasing from this site, seller didnt seem to concerned and had to ask what it was, had no response so i went to deep blue usa and again they didnt really care. So if you buy a deep blue just remember the warranty means nothing and their customer service is appalling. My order i was placing for the swiss diver is cancelled

charles Yalden 25-01-2019 om 14:32:56

A pleasure to do business with transaction was smooth and painless, a small problem with courier but communication was great and everything sorted quickly.

Will definately use again

Many thanks

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